My work stems from a resurrected passion for Vinyl records and Audio Cassette tapes, two historically important recording formats that are often regarded as obsolete or dead.

I had painted images of local landscapes for many years but constantly felt my ideas were too restricted; I couldn’t put my finger on what was lacking or where my ideas were going. After having explored a few basic paintings based on my love of records, I realised my artwork needed to take a completely different direction. I had found a theme that suddenly provided me with a rich vein of inspiration; it was the link to an endless connection of things that I had gravitated towards throughout my childhood and early Adulthood. 

My paintings are a dialogue on the fascination, desire and significance of Analogue formats in today’s digital society: exploring a vast history of visually imagery from audio recording equipment to retro advertising and sleeve artwork.  

20160722_145812My current paintings are mostly created using a combination of acrylic and spray paint on paper or wood; I alternate between using brush marks and spraying areas to achieve a variety of surface qualities. I can use up to 10 different size brushes per painting, from size 000 round head to 4″ mottler brushes and use a wide range of skinny to fat spray caps. Each piece can take from 60 to 80 hours to produce.

Inspiration comes from artists such as James Rosenquist, Brendan Neiland, Roderick Packe, Morris Louis, Barnett Newman, Roy Lichtenstein and a whole host of Graffiti writers.

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