Cover for an Extended Player vinyl record

Around April 2015 I was given a fantastic opportunity to have my artwork appear on an actual vinyl sleeve. I was asked by ‘The Frisbys band to design the artwork for their first EP release called ‘The Cause‘. They gave me their initial ideas regarding imagery and colours and, after weeks of exchanging sketches and thoughts from the band members, the final images were transferred to CD, vinyl and cake formats! My original pastel sketches were displayed in January this year during the EP launch at Hoodoos at the fab Matthews Yard in Croydon. Click on the images for the gallery


Do you want a unique painting of a vinyl record, perhaps as a gift for someone’s 50th Anniversary or as a reminder of their favorite album/single? Paintings are made with regular communication as the piece develops, to make sure the picture meets all requirements. Prices start from £40 – click here to leave me a message

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