20/3: Back to graphite

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2016-12-19 07.59.13When I made the change from painting local Landscapes to painting music related images, I never wanted to visualise or try to paint music or sound. I wanted to create imagery based on the objects that have allowed me to listen to music and sounds. My earliest drawing inspiration came not from ‘real’ controls but small hand held ‘control boards’ made by my brother and his best friend, which they took to school to play with. These boards were mainly drawings of buttons, switches and gauges on a piece of card. There were even paper levers that you could flip with your fingers. Again, amazing to look at but had no function without the power of imagination.


20170319_110014I’ve been looking at a lot of classic retro/vintage Hi-Fi sound systems from the 70’s and 80’s.  I grew up in a time when this kind of machinery was ‘new’ technology. It was in my dad’s living room or in the houses i visited. I was always drawn towards the many dials, nobs and switches on ‘home music centers’ as they were called. I had no idea what they did when you pressed/turned them – to me they just looked good and still do. Hearing sounds when you moved them was an added excitement.




20170319_115555I’m still thinking about my ideas mentioned in my last post which are based on collage. I am selecting specific shapes to manipulate with graphite, focusing on textures seen on reflective and highly polished metal surfaces. After exploring graphite i’ll translate any further developments into large scale colour pieces. More to follow…


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