22/2/17 New Series of paintings

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After a much needed hiatus I’m back in my studio.

2016-12-14 12.37.12It’s difficult to see how your work is developing in such a small studio. There’s no room to hang my pieces up, no room to step back to compare with past pieces. Seeing my work together in a display at the London Record Fair gave me chance to look my latest work as a whole and see where I am at the moment.

The display also generated some new ideas. I’m now treating the paintings like a collage; I select an image then print a cropped section onto acetate. I project them onto wood using an old overhead projector. I often overwork the colours to transform the motif. I’ve created abstract work before and the endless opportunities of texture and colour combinations can be frustrating. At some point you know when to go over certain sections or even completely start again…

20170221_163212 20170219_173029 20170221_164320 20170219_173521

More soon.

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