26/08: Busy, busy, busy

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Time on my hands

This summer I’ve managed to find the balance between keeping busy and procrastinating, I think. It’s the classic struggle between relaxing and doing mind numbing things or getting out into the studio and churning out some paintings. I find that starting a new piece is always the hardest thing to do, especially after not painting for a couple of months. Motivating myself to get equipment out, dig out the paints, mix the colours – sounds easy and should be enjoyable but it’s only when I’m actually drawing and painting after the initial set up that I start enjoying creating.


I’ve pushed myself to buy materials, get flyers printed and create a Facebook page for some new Spray paint workshops ( see my SPRAY AWAY page for link). This took a while to sort, all the while I was constantly thinking about making some paintings. I’m glad I put some time aside to do it. New photos to follow once I get bookings…

Put it in a room

I visited my brother to talk about ideas around my paintings and eat minted Lamb kebabs. Yum. The main thing to come out of our discussion He said

‘Why don’t you put your Hi-Fi machinery in a room?’

This idea has completely changed the way i’m painting my latest pieces. I’ve spent so much time focusing on close up parts of the machines, never once considering to include any background landscape imagery. I can see many great possibilities now. I’ve also moved back to using acrylic paint and brushes. Spray paints are amazing but you could argue that brushes require so much more skill. I’m not fast at typing so I’m going to post an image of my latest piece in progress then get out and paint.


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